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I guide my clients with the philosophy that they will be freed from their emotional pain by harnessing that pain and turning it into power. 

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Trauma Informed Life Coach. I completed my education at Stony Brook University, where I earned my Masters in Social Work with a specialization in trauma. My dual background as both therapist and life coach benefits my clients, who will not only heal from trauma but also learn invaluable techniques to identify negative thoughts as well as strategies to challenge maladaptive behaviors. A central component of my practice is through the treatment modality Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) - the goal of which is to enable clients to confront their trauma or distressing life experiences and heal from them. I am a knowledgeable guide, leading my clients through EMDR and other evidence-based practices with compassion and patience. 

My desire to pursue a career in social work was born from a desire to help others who endured traumas similar to my own: domestic violence.  Every minute, 20 people are physically abused by an intimate partner; for too long, I was one of the victims within that statistic. At least, that was the story that I had told myself before beginning the journey of healing, but I’m not a victim of domestic violence. I am a survivor. It is that shift in thinking, the mentality of victim to the identity of survivor that guides my practice and empowers my clients to change the narrative about their past and make the choice to heal. 

Trauma has been the focus of my entire career, which began initially at a non-profit for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Later I went on to work as a trauma specialist affiliate with several private practices.  While working with other clinicians was rewarding, my dream was to start my own practice. In 2020, my ambitions of having my own practice became a reality with the opening of Unleashed Potential: Life Coaching.  I was deliberate in naming my business; I hoped to convey that each one of my clients has the ability to heal, grow, and thrive. I hope to convey that my clients do not have to walk this journey alone.  I guide my clients with the philosophy that they will be freed from their emotional pain by harnessing that pain and turning it into power. 

I believe that in order to have success with my clients, they must build an alliance of trust, compassion, and belief. Believing in the process, believing in your therapist or life coach, and believing in yourself are all crucial in the process of healing and moving forward. I pride myself on my ability to create meaningful alliances with my clients. I ensure that every client is treated with the utmost respect, dignity, and empathy. My compassionate approach is disarming to clients whose fear of judgment or feelings of shame had previously kept them from seeking support. Through creating a safe and encouraging space for my clients, I’m always striving to create a bonded alliance. I understand the fragility of working with trauma, and am confident that my clients will place their trust in me and feel my genuine passion for helping others heal.

I have helped numerous clients emerge from their trauma and heal. I have served as a pivotal role in supporting clients leave abusive relationships, heal from sexual abuse, break harmful cycles learned from childhood, and grieve the loss of a child. I give hope to individuals who feel paralyzed by their intense emotions and are haunted by the pain of their trauma. I help clients create a life of fulfillment, joy, and free from the pain of unhealed trauma.

I guarantee you I am as real as it gets, I’m just a girl who has had some tough experiences and understands raw pain. I assist my clients take agency of their narrative. Reminding them that they are the story that they tell themself. I have empowered numerous clients rewrite their story. Is it time to rewrite yours?


Client Review

Jessica Rebelo is a force of change, though she is far too humble to take any credit herself. Instead, she will affirm her client’s abilities, reminding them that they were the ones who did the work to change. While that sentiment speaks to Jessica’s good nature, it does a disservice to her work ethic, professionalism, and commitment to her client’s. Change would not have been possible for me had it not been for Jess and her relentless belief in me that I could change. Jessica is compassionate, trustworthy, and committed to her client’s wellbeing with genuine care that is certain to ease any new client’s anxiety. She is not just a therapist or a life coach; Jess is truly a hero.


Tommy C

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