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There are many advantages to online life coaching. For starters, one of the biggest benefits is the convenience of online coaching, it allows you to access coaching session's if you are home, at work, in your car or even away for business. Online coaching also decreases the stigma associated to working with a professional for personal growth, you are able to keep your anonymity and your privacy. Many of us are guarded when we first go meet with a professional, having online coaching gives you the safety and comfortability to receive coaching from where you are most comfortable. We also believe that having coaching in your own home allows more vulnerability and transparency within your sessions. Feeling comfortable is a major comportment in successful treatment.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

Initial Appointment:​ Our initial session will be approximately 60-75 minutes, and we will meet via telehealth, video, or phone session. During this first session, we will get to know each other, discuss where you feel stuck in your life, what has worked versus hasn’t worked, as well as create concrete goals to work on in sessions. During our initial visit we will also go over your history of what hurtles have gotten in your way, or have held you back from healing. We guarantee that our team will practice from a trauma informed lens, treated with respect, dignity and empathy. There is a fragility and an awareness of someones history, we want to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible starting your journey towards healing.

Follow-up Appointments: After our initial session, it is essential to establish a weekly or bi-weekly session time. This initial consistency is crucial as we begin to work together, working towards establishing an alliance. Each session moving forward will be approximately 45-60 minutes, and we will work to find a time that is convenient for you. In these sessions we will go more in depth of your history discussing life events that have shaped who you are. Sessions forward we will create a concrete individual plan to work towards your goals.


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Jessica Rebelo

1 Hour Session with Jessica Rebelo

Client Review

Jessica is absolutely amazing. She helped me in more ways than one. I looked forward to each session with her. She pushed me out of my comfort zone, encouraged me, and really helped me grow as an individual and in my relationship. She is someone I still keep in touch with because I am so excited to share with her how far I have come. I can't thank her enough for all her help and support over the years.


Gina B

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